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They say sometimes it takes a lifetime to find one's true calling. And I found mine just a few years ago. 


Photography for me is like unveiling a story. It is like stripping the soul bare to be understood by one self and by others. I am fascinated by the human species, full of emotions, turmoil, confusion, tension and mystery.


Through photography I wish to reach out to people, awaken their senses, their supressed emotions, shake them into existence, open their eyes to the buried and hidden, all that surrounds them, affecting them directly or indirectly.


Life is a journey of self discovery and self realisation thus understanding one’s place in this world.



Saima (Aimon)

© Saima Salahuddin, 2022



29th Feb 2020.     Artsist Talk at Creative Mornings, Islamabad 

15th Mar 2019       DEJAVU MAGAZINE (Pakistani Photographic E-mag) Selected  to be featured in 1s issue

1st Mar 2019       NUMINOUS& PICTON MAGAZINES (international magazines) Work selected in the theme of ‘GREEN’

12th Mar 2017         The News, Interview with Amna Mawaz work-art-political/#.WMbQLxhh2Rs



10th Feb 2022.        Kashmir Day Solidarity exhibition @ the Foreign Office, Islamabad 

8th Oct 2021.        Mime performance ' Hatebook' @Ejaz Ahmed Gallery in Lahore 

6th march 2021.   'Shanakht' - International Women's Day Exhibit at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad with NOMAD 

6th Dec 2020.       'You are served' - Violence Against Women' - collaboration with Farrah Mahmood @NOMAD Art Gallery Islamabad

16th Nov 2020.     'I see you' - First National Printmaking Exchange, Islamabad

7th Sept 2020.     ' Space Between Us' - COVID-19 Online Exhibition , COMSATS Art Gallery 

25th Nov 2019.     Islamabad art festival Exhibit 2 - NCA Pindi - MULTIPLICITY

12th Nov 2019.      'Mask 'Off-live interactive mime performance- Islamabad art festival Exhibit 1- COMSATS

26th Sept 2019.     'Photographers' Exhibit @ The Colony, Lahore 

5th Sept 2019.      'Mera Shehr' - COMSATS art Gellery Islamabad 

5th April 2019.      World from my eyes, Comsats Art Gallery, Islamabad

13th July, 2018      PUAN, US Embassy, Satrang Gallery, Serena, Isl.

29th Dec 2018       PANI HAI ZINDAGI exhibition @ ARTCHOWK GALLERY, KARACHI




23rd Nov 2016        Images published in DW online magazine interview of Amna Mawaz

4th Oct 2016           'U-TURN' exhibit at Sanat

                                Gallery, Karachi

15th April 2016        Islamabad Literature Festival


8th March  2016       USAID Women's Day Event, Islamabad Club


24th Feb 2016         Pak- China Friensdhip 'Fusion of Cutlures' group exhibition,

                                Comsats, Islamabad


12th Feb 2016        Women's National Day Celebration, 'Posheeda Qadam', Group Exhibition at Nomad Gallery, Islamabad


8th March 2015       National Exhibition of Visual Arts, PNCA, Islamabad by Female Artists of Pakistan for International Women’s Day


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