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Mina in Orange 2
sohaina in red 2
Shazia in Pink

All images © saima salahuddin 2017


I launched this campaign today, on the 1st of April 2017, by the name of 'FLOWER POWER'. The idea came to me seeing the current state of the world, with so much prejudice, racism, and hatred building up in the world, that I wanted to use something beautiful to convey a message of hope and peace.

 Flower Power is a movement that came about at the end of the 60's in America against the Vietnam War, and I felt we needed the same POWER of FLOWER to bring peace once again!! I did my first shoot at the end of March and have just launched it on Facebook.

Since SPRING is in the air and flowers are blooming, it is a perfect time to begin the mission. : )

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