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Poppy Three
Poppy Three too
Poppy One too
Oh Poppy

All images © saima salahuddin 2017


Model: Mina

Assistant:- Serena

This was the first time I experimented with a WHITE Backdrop. I got the white seamless backdrop a few months ago from Karachi and was waiting for a chance to do a shoot on it. Using 2 strobes on the backdrop from behind the model and also using a flash from my camera we achieved this. It was not easy and i feel there is a need to buy one more strobe.


Mina is my niece who sometimes visits me from Lahore. She has become one of my regular models. Usually I shoot her in a typical fashion style shoot but this time I thought we would have some fun. I let her do as she pleased and in the end we all had a lot of fun. My assistant was her mother. 


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