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Yin and Yang
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A R T   A T T A C K

e m b r a c e

All images © saima salahuddin 2016



You are invincible

Like a tree you are rooted deeply into the ground

With arms wide open you rise

Tender as the leaves

Strong as the branches intertwined

The darkness and the light,  it is all you

All that you need lies within you

When you see your reflection

Know that

I am you. You are me.

We are one and the same 

Let us Embrace

our souls

Let us embrace

All that we are

All that tears us apart and all that brings us joy

Let us 


By Aimon 

I have always loved compositing, and photomanipulation. I can spend hours on end just playing in photoshop and creating something out of nothing. 

Mirroring is another major aspect which you will find pop up now and then in my work. When I was in college we did a lot of mirror exercises in our Mime workshops and somehow they had a great impact in my life. I believe the concept of reflection is embeded in our lifelong journey of self discovery. To understand life, one has to look deep into oneself and figure out who we are, why we are who we are and what is our purpose. 

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