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All images © saima salahuddin 2016


This idea came to me a year ago, when I bought my first ‘Book of Ideas’ and started thinking about what I wanted to say through the art of Photography. ‘The MOUTH’ is a concept I began with. An instrument in the body, so neglected, yet so powerful and very responsible for steering our lives in a certain which way. Though it serves the basic purpose of eating it also causes hurt, pain, confusion, and chaos. Many a hearts have been broken by words spoken with the mouth, many a lies have been told, and much evil has been committed through this same source.  It is what connects us and it is what disconnects us. Everyday. As my work developed further I realized that the mouth is actually the gate-way for the devil. It is very much his instrument as well.

For the execution of this series I wanted to create dramatic, theatrical portraits, revealing the devil as he amuses himself while at work. Previously I have done a lot of photomanipulation work, creating stories out of nothing, but this time I wanted to focus on pre-production, with the shot itself and things one can do in the studio.

I have come a long way in photography, starting with simple portraits, but the more I dive into it the more fascinating it becomes, and the more challenges await me.

Through the art of image making, I want to reach the deepest part of the human soul, where things lie hidden, buried, and very much in need of tending.

Aimon, for the U-TURN Exhibition, Sanat Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan 

4th October 2016

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