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'U-Turn' Exhibit in Karachi

October 10, 2016





  It feels great to have someone find your work online and approach you for an exhibit. So late last year I was approached by an Artist Samina Islam, to participate in a group exhibition in Karachi. I got very excited but wasn't really sure it would happen. However, seeing her seriousness with the entire process and preparation and her professional attitude I realised that she wasn't joking. I wasn't really sure what I would be working on but what I knew was I didn't want to work on photomanupilation this time, but wanted to work solely on the shoot itself. 


Early last year I had an idea where I wanted to show how THE MOUTH, a very taken-for-granted instrument in our body that has so much affect on our lives and those of others, without us realising its affects. Hence, I wanted to explore this concept further for the exhibit. Having finally got my studio set up with 2 strobe lights, a black backdrop, my student Yousuf Jamil as the model, and an assistant (Iza Syed again a student from NCA where I teach) to help out I dived into the shoot with all my heart and soul.


The different and interesting thing about this exhibit was that Samina asked us to make a booklet of our entire art-making process so I made this brochure to explain it all. 

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Before you are gone....... the Bucket List.

August 5, 2016

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