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Reincarnation, what an awesome phenomenon

My life has never been short of adventure, and that’s only because everything that seemed interesting to me, I had to experience. Music, Television, Architecture, Teaching , Photography …. whatever it is, I had to do it. Whenever I was handed down a challenge I took it. If someone asked me to try a new thing, I was ready, and I genuinely believed I could do it. I think that spurred only because I wanted to live a life with no regrets, and I also, honestly had no idea what I wanted to do. Some people know what they want to do since childhood, and some like me just want to do it all. : )

And for that simple reason I think, ONE life isn’t enough. Reincarnation would be perfect for someone like me. Where I could come back again and again and be someone else each time with a passion for something else. I mean come on the world is amazing! There is so much out there. Do I want to die doing the same thing day in and day out, and NOT experience other awesome things, NO I don’t. And do I want to tell my grandchildren some wonderful stories, of my adventures because of all these diverse lives I lived. Absolutely!

There are many who would disagree with me, that is understandable with the way society is built. We are brainwashed that life should be lived a certain way and you are only successful if you have achieved certain things or reached certain milestones. But then I have never truly believed in society's do's and don'ts on life. I have always rebelled agains the norms. It has worked out and then it hasn't worked out in some areas, but that's okay. For me it's acceptable. I am content and happy.

I do believe one should question everything that is dictated or handed down to us and to not follow blindly.

And one should also, live one's life the way one wants to live it .............(as long as no one is hurt in the process ofcourse) and it is possible for you. Though that is also doable but we will leave that for another day. : )

LIVE and LET live, peop

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